We look forward to hearing from you. We cannot always guarantee replying to you, but we will try to reply to as many appropriate communications as possible, almost entirely by email. One of the delights of being retired is that we are sometimes off to various parts of the world, even for rather extended periods of time. So, a reply could be quite delayed. (P.S. This is not a chat line. I'm sorry that we cannot carry on correspondences about opinions, choosing airguns, etc..) To speed up communication, to establish priority on all purchases, or to tell us that you have sent us something by snail mail or fax, please email us a note. Snail mail and faxes must be very low on our attention scale.

Sorry that we don't have a more convenient way to order things, but we no longer have a regular sales business. Rather we only have a few boxes of literature and collectibles for sale, so setting up special order forms, order lines, etc. is not appropriate. When these things are gone, that will be it.